Pure quality from London town: The Grenfell Holloway

A lot of companies try for the underground thing, that thing where only those in the know know and the others may only wonder, or never even notice. Other companies are just not very well known, operating under the radar, so to speak, through a combination of operating on a different plane, and well, just doing their own thing. Grenfell is an example of the latter, at least to me. In existence since 1923, I’d never even heard of them until I bought the “Drizzler” jacket by Harry Stedman, which is made in London by Grenfell.

2016-04-22 10.55.25-2

The overwhelming factor that struck me then was how finely made the jacket was. From the quality of the fabric, buttons and zip, to the care with which it had been sewn. In a world where designs are stolen, remixed and mashed up, the tangible work and materials are often what really sets something special apart. While anyone can steal a style likeness, it’s that much harder to fake the workmanship. And workmanship is where Grenfell excel.


2016-05-23 15.26.45

So much so that I couldn’t resist one of their Holloway jackets in green merino wool. The merino wool outer is superb, dense and green, yet lightweight and soft. On the inside my jacket has what feels like satin, silky smooth, so it it sits right on top of whatever I’m wearing underneath. The inspiration is said to be from styles developed by Grenfell in the 1950’s and the simple box style is as suitable today as it was then.


2016-05-23 15.27.03

The outer pockets are open and slanted, mainly suitable for a spot of impromptu hand warming. On the inside are two finely made pockets, one with button closure and one without. I think it was when I was examining the buttoned pocket that it fully struck me what an incredible job had been made by whoever made my jacket. It should have been signed!


2016-05-23 15.28.08

The boxy silhouette is completed with all horn buttons, adjustable cuff tabs, a throat catch, rear vent and underarm ventilation holes. Even the button holes are perfectly executed. Everything there needs to be, and no superfluous messing about.

2016-05-23 15.26.33


Another factor that greatly endeared Grenfell to me is that there was no stock of this jacket. Nothing is produced unless there is a customer for it. Once there is an order, the factory in London makes the jacket. This is totally opposed to the current world of fast fashion, low-cost production and maximum profit and I heartily support it.

In summary, this Grenfell rapidly became one of my favourite jackets. Worth every penny.




  • Flawless materials, design and construction
  • A classic design that will always look good
  • Great combination of functionality, comfort and looks


  • I’m hard pressed to find any downside here




Available direct from Grenfell at 450 pounds.

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