The anniversary quiz and giveaway!

Well, it’s time for another anniversary celebration here at Well Dressed mansions. The fire is roaring, as per usual, the G&T’s are flowing freely and the hounds are running wild. Good will to all mankind, fireworks, overwhelming feelings of accomplishments and all that malarkey. Wish you were here, all of you, seriously.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 12.21.49

In lieu of filling the mansion with denim and tweed clad guests, the hallway full of stout leather boots and much talk of which soles wear best, loomstate fabrics and the ethical fail of fast fashion, I present to you the alternative: The WellDressedDad anniversary quiz!

There is a stack of prizes ready to be given away to the entrants that display the most knowledge, endurance and sporting spirit. At the moment I can promise prizes from:

(If you’d like to offer a prize, drop me a mail at

Well Dressed Dad .indd

So, are you up for it? I’ll be by the fireplace in the meantime, tumbler in hand, gazing into the flames. If you’d like to drop me a line, you know the address.

I’ll tally the entries next Friday, so best of luck!


And don’t worry if you don’t manage a clean 100%. I’ll include everyone that has tried their hardest in the draw. I’m kind like that.

Well Dressed Dad .indd


2 Responses to “The anniversary quiz and giveaway!”

  1. Jan Pospíšil

    “Your score is 96%

    You’ve completed the exam. You scored 13.50 out of 14.00 points.
    Sorry, you either answered at random or else you have never read the blog… Maybe do some revision and try again?”

    Errmmm, ok. :))
    (All or nothing, ey? And it was the trick question too.)


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