Coming up to the three year milestone…

Coming up to the three year anniversary for the blog, I find myself pondering the direction forward. One option would be to call it a day, though I feel that would be a shame, given how many good folks read it, and how much I enjoy writing it. Another option would is to evolve.

Reading an article about blog trends in a Norwegian newspaper I was interested to find that most “fashion-bloggers” (and in this case we are primarily talking about young female bloggers that have till now mainly been posting their daily outfits) are now becoming lifestyle blogs. Lifestyle? That’s a pretty inclusive term, which sounds interesting indeed.



There is also a trend of moving into other medias, such as video and podcasts. I’ve dabbled a bit in video, but all the editing and presentation is another time-consuming task. A podcast? Hard to come up with good ideas for topics there. The most obvious would be me and my good pal Scratch talking thrash. Scratch can work up a good rant on most topics, so it might be a viable idea.

I’ve also been pondering about writing a book for a while. I have a decent idea of what it would be like, and it’s not as if I don’t already have a considerable amount of raw material to draw from. Does the world need another mediocre menswear book? Maybe, maybe not. I’ve read enough of those available to know how I’d do it different.



Increasing the scope to include more lifestyle type of topics would allow me to write about more of the things that interest me, such as interior design, telenovellas, gentlemans fragrances and exotic vacations. Well, you probably know me well enough by now to know that is not where my interests lie… I think more along the lines of food and nutrition, ecological farming, vintage cars, environmental issues, hobbyist electronics and … well, I find interesting stuff everywhere, especially if it has a good portion of “different” included.



Of course, this doesn’t mean I’ll be dropping my core business, letting you know about companies and garments in the world of menswear that I consider to be Good Stuff. And mantiques, sewing projects, books and stuff. After all, it’s not as if I stumbled and knocked my noggin, ok?



Now I need to come up with a good idea for next weeks grand giveaway. One that doesn’t involve an annoying repost-campaign on Instagram. Ideas? Drop me a mail on if you have a cracking idea, or something you’d like me to give away to a lucky reader!



11 Responses to “Coming up to the three year milestone…”

    • Well Dressed Dad

      Bike collection? I actually don’t have a bike collection! I have a regular hybrid that get’s ridden till it expires and then replaced (for my sins). A bike only lasts 3-4 years when it’s used all year round in dirty and salt. The greenhouse? Just about to put seeds into earth, so there is more potential there!

  1. thelostworldof

    One thing first,please dont stop.Its been more of an inspiration to me than every other blog.And i am now thinking of starting my own.
    What about just covering more “things”,and i dont mean that in the teenage american way.
    Books ,old ones,ones that look good,interesting ones,really boring ones.Maps.Pens.Notebooks.Pencils.The beauty of a Smiths instrument on a car dashboard.Old shops.Old Logos still in use.Buildings.Anyway im rambling.
    Whatever you do,it will always be interesting.Unless its pictures of cats.

    • Well Dressed Dad

      Thanks for inspiring feedback! Ah, the Smiths instruments, now we’re talking! Sounds like we are very much on the same page. There will be no photos of cats, though Rupert the Corgi will no doubt keep getting a look in!

  2. D. Taylor

    I’ve only recently discovered your blog and it was because you were the only one that actually discovered that Vibram makes the Christy soles for Red Wing. I recently bought a pair of BB walker boots off ebay because I liked the look and they were NIB and they were “Made in USA” and of course I then had to find out who this company were….They were a proud manufacturer for decades and went bankrupt as the floodgates opened from China. I think we have a chance to get back to proud manufacturing jobs and blogs like yours can inspire and educate about where we were and where we can go because the mainstream media doesn’t seem to care about such stories…Ever seen Russell Moccasin mentioned on CNN?…thanks.

    • Well Dressed Dad

      If the numbers given in that article are accurate I can’t see how they couldn’t be profitable! 135 employees making 2000 pairs of boots daily? That sounds very impressive.

  3. Brian in Alberta

    What you’re describing is what used to be called a “personal blog”; a form that was considered extinct not to long ago but is now making a comeback apparently and I am happy for that. I have over a hundred blogs in my feed list and at least half of them are personal-blogs. I’ve always enjoyed your style posts but I for one would like to see you blog more broadly.

    • Well Dressed Dad

      I think that is the way things will go. From now on I will open up more about my fascinating personal and inner life, my desirable lifestyle and much more 🙂 It’s good to get some feedback and support, many thanks!

  4. Scratch

    How about some information of comics about old skool hip hop? And that podcast idea sounds like blue murder for my blood pressure.

  5. Philip

    I hope that you will continue with your blog. It is a refreshing change from sites that seem to cater only for clothes snobs and those with more money than sense. Please keep up the good work!


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