Review: Wallet innovation from Minimum Squared

I have to confess, my wallet game has been sorely lacking, at least compared to the guys that put some effort into it. A few years back I was seduced by one of those technical type of card holders with a little lever underneath that serves up your cards, and protects you from electronic snooping. Kind of handy, but really not much soul. And I wasn’t really all that worried about someone being able to snoop my loyalty card at the local espresso caff.

2016-02-06 18.03.23

When I discovered the offering from Minimum Squared though I was immediately ensnared. The innovative and clever design appealed both to my sense of style and my engineering mind. It’s obvious that a lot of thought has gone into creating this simple, yet superbly elegant design. The way 4 card pockets and a pocket to hold your olde fashioned paper money has been put together is akin to an origami mind trick.

2016-02-11 10.10.42

Minimum Squared is a tiny maker in Valencia, Spain. Thinking back to when I visted Valencia a couple of years ago it doesn’t surprise me that craft and design are alive there. I have fond memories of cycling through the park filled with contemporary architecture in the dry riverbed running through town. Pretty excellent stuff indeed, and that was even before the Sangria.

Photo 12.02.16, 09.21.47

The supple and soft leather used is full natural grain goat leather from a small tannery in England and the thread is a linen waxed thread which has been manufactured in France since 1847. In fact, it’s more than that, the materials are so specially selected there is a page on the website dedicated to them! I love this level of thoughtfulness.

2016-02-11 10.11.00

The dedication and belief in the product goes far beyond merely making and selling them. Notice the cards that come inserted in it? What a clever way to introduce a new user to how the wallet works. And if that wasn’t enough, the website has it’s own page offering usage tips. Nothing is left to chance here.

I did wonder about the longevity of the obvious weak point, i.e. the elastic. Given the way it is constructed though if the elastic ever failed, you could easily replace it. Or even carry on without it, just folding the flap inside instead of outside.

2016-02-11 10.11.45

And in a world where plastic bags have mostly replaced the care taken in presenting a product properly, it’s lovely to see someone making the extra effort. Well done!

2016-02-06 18.04.33


  • Innovative and creative design
  • Superbly hand made from quality materials
  • Very usable with a good amount of different
  • Compact enough to sit well in my front pocket, even when carrying a fat wad of cash


  • I’m struggling to find any downside here.




Available direct from Minimum Squared in Spain in an impossibly choice of colours at 150 euro.


4 Responses to “Review: Wallet innovation from Minimum Squared”

    • Well Dressed Dad

      I agree it’s not cheap, but given the quality materials and the fact that it is hand-sewn in Spain, I doubt there is a huge profit in it. I guess it comes down to the question of supporting small-scale artisan craftsmanship in Europe or whether it is acceptable to buy the Bangladeshi low-cost knockoff option? Personally I prefer to pay more for the ethical option, but I see your point! 🙂


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