My favourites of 2015: The Tender 470 shirt

It was suggested to me that after another year of looking at, writing about, and, almost as an afterthought, actually wearing clothes, maybe I should give a mention to some of my favourite pieces of the year? Which garments are the ones I liked best, at the end of the day? Did the initial crush turn into a lasting appreciation?


Getting settled in for some serious holidaying. #tender #lamberhurst #kent #dadstyle #gardeningstyle

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Casting around in my memories of the year past there was a certain colour that kept coming up. A distinct blue. Not an indigo, per say, but a brighter, more sky-like blue. The colour of woad from Southern France, mixed in a pot, fermented and used to dye a cotton calender fabric woven in Britain. Cotton calender? That’s like a regular cotton fabric, but hammered all over so you get a smooth, flat surface.



You can already tell that this is something with a fair bit of that elusive different added to it. The dye, the fabric, the fact that it’s made in the UK, and of course, the design is quite different as well. It’s an oversized shirt, comfortable of fit and not something you’d be wanting to wear a tie with. The cuffs are so simple they’re almost not there, almost reduced to just a button. The collar is similarly minimal, reduced to a collar of sorts.



Yet the pockets go quite the other way, being wide, deep and symmetrical. This is something of a Tender trademark, as the Dart jacket I reviewed before has similarly huge pockets. Oh, I hadn’t mentioned yet that this was a Tender shirt? Sorry. It’s the “Tender Type 470 Stock Collar Shirt, in Woad Calender” to give it’s full and technically cryptic name.



And those pockets really make the shirt. Since it arrived I used it a lot, if WDW hadn’t nicked it. Yes, this is one of those items I found had a huge WAF (wife acceptance factor), so there was an internal struggle to use it. I did get to take it on a travel to Delhi though, and to the UK. Those pockets are marvellous for keeping documents and suchlike in when travelling.



And those simple, two-hole melamine buttons. Again, reduced to the bare essential.

To answer the question posed at the start (or one of them, at least), did the initial crush turn into a deep appreciation? It sure did. This one is a keeper.


PS: The colour of the shirt is most accurately shown on the Instagram photos. I’m a mediocre photographer at best and I was unable to reproduce the vibrant blue inside!



  • A unique and useful style
  • It’s undeniably different
  • Thoughtfully designed and produced
  • Made in Britain


  • The quirkiness and British production has it’s price (though see under!)




Full retail price is 195 pounds at New State Store. Currently on offer at 156 pounds.



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