Editorial: Fine reading, lookey looks and and torrid tweed – The week that was

Autumn, a time for deep contemplation, catching up on reading and taking photos of colourful, fallen leaves, naked trees and certain men showing their daily outfits? Yes, those Instagram photos keep appearing on a regular basis. If you don’t follow me, I’ve included them below for your viewing convenience.

Speaking of reading, I’ve noticed the stack menswear-related titles has been building up, so reviews will be posted over the next weeks. I posted a review of “From tip to toe” on Sunday, and will post another this Sunday. Which title it will be is still undecided, but it will be from the pile shown below.



I’ve also been taking a peek at the world of lookbooks. Last Saturday I took a closer look at the one from Realm & Empire, and I have another in mind, or maybe even two. Lookbooks are a tricky one. Make them too boring and they provide no interest or inspiration, like som 80’s knitwear catalogue modelled by the local male pentaque team . Make them too arty and the viewer is left wondering if the point of the photo was to show a flash of collar in a dank Berlin alleyway, or is that actually what the new collection looks like?



Vintage-wise I was very pleased at the attention my post on Norris Tweed received. After the post I also received more info on Nor-Wind, the Norwegian company that made the jacket. Apparently they were the only speciality producer of jackets and capes in Scandinavia in the period. And by all accounts they dropped dead when most of the Norwegian textile industry went under in the 70’s and 80’s.



Oh, and I did have a Birthday last week. Thanks for all the kind wishes and fine presents!



Did you miss my mention of repairing jeans by darning? It’s a great idea, and I intend to try it when I finally wear a hole in one of my nice jeans…










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