To Bergen and back – This weeks pictotorial

Missed out on last weeks editorial and Instagram pictorial update, sorry! Headed to Bergen for a weekend of debauchery and mental goings on. Or maybe just a little shopping (Lot 333 is the only Norwegian stockist of Hansen Garments) and relaxation. I have an image to uphold, dontchanow.

The much awaited indigo-dyed deadstock cotton shirts are now back from Thailand, and they are radiant! These are old, unusued, military spec, Norwegian-made shirts, and they are now laden with vibrant natural indigo dye. Perfect for denim and vintage enthusiasts. Only 6 of them, and 2 are already spoken for. The ones left are medium and small. More photos later today.

Also now available, the super-indigo Roughage scarves. The original Roughage was well received, being a rugged raw cotton and indigo combo, the new one has even more indigo in it. Like turning the indigo level up to 11, or whatever the equivalent dye parameter might be.

Keep an eye on the For Sale page if you’re interested. I keep adding nice things there.

As always there are many posts in the works, as always it’s a question of finding the time to actually finish them. There should be a review of the new “Denim Dudes” book on Sunday, so at least there is a reason to get out of bed on Sunday. I’ll be up at the crack of dawn writing it.


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