The weekly pictorial journal

And here we are again, another Friday morning and time for my little journal of what has been going on and what is coming up.

Last Saturday saw us head up to Oslo to visit the new pop-up shop opened by the good people of Ætt and Livid Jeans. Bang in the middle of Aker Brygge, prime real estate in Oslo. The shop showcases lots of new things from Ætt, including a wonderful new waxed cotton fishtail parka, plus some rare vintage items, such as Big-E Levis jackets and Russian special forces anoraks. Livid have a good selection of their items as well, and Dundas boots are showing their range. If you’re in the area it would be a good idea to drop by, as Haavard of Ætt is joined by Jens-Olav of Livid, so twice the chance of a good chat about their stuff. This is rare Norwegian menswear at it’s best folks, so don’t miss it.

This week has also been the first week using my new Fracap X WDD boots, and they are living up to expectations. It’s also nice to see people actually noticing and complimenting me on them, which to be honest doesn’t happen that often (surely a function of people not really paying attention more than my boots being instantly forgettable).

I have added a pile of new stuff to my For Sale page now. I’ll not promise the proceeds will feed starving orphans, but they will let me buy something shiny and new to write about. In the spirit of insane consumerism I might even sponsor the cost of shipping just for today, just mention the discount code #Ireadwhatyouwriteandclaimmyprize.

Coming up tomorrow will be a long tale titled “Bored of London?”, og “What I did on my holiday”, if you like.


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