Waistcoat controversy on Instagram!

Friday just isn’t the same without my little weekly round-up of all that is good and not so good in the world, right? Where else do you have the opportunity of enjoying a finely curated selection of thirteen prime photographic captures from the Instagram account of what Esquire magazine selected as one of the 20 most stylish men on Instagram. Quite remarkable value for money and a wonderful opportunity to sneak a peek into the lifestyle of a guy that cycles to work even if it’s raining with intent.

Controversy isn’t something often considered when it comes to waistcoats. The community dedicated to armless attire is legendary for it’s relaxes demeanour and intellectual musings, so this weeks review of the Japanese Kapital waistcoat caused definite ripples of uncertainty in what has otherwise been a series of reviews where the agreement has in general been unanimous. Is this a signal of things to come? A rush of blood into otherwise staid and unused arteries? Fantastic!

I also finally got round to doing the followup post on the bespoke shirt that Splendid & Fellows made for me. Am I convinced that bespoke is the way forward?

And we must not forget the Harris Tweed CPO shirt from the fine folks at Thoroughstitch in New York. An unmissable piece for those that consider themselves dedicated to the tweed way of quality living.

Still no response to my subtle probes for contacts in New Delhi, so it looks like I’ll be all on my lonesome there. Adventure surely beckons!


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