The week that was, Instagrammatically

Oh my, it’s back again, that weekly roundup of my wrongdoings on Instagram. Or rightdoings, judging my the number of regular like-clickers that honour me with their well-directed presses of the Like-button. In any case, another Autumnal week with the chilly mornings requiring full wool, jacket, hat and gloves, and the sunny afternoons requiring all the warm gear being backpacked home. How long before things even out?

Shaving is still a major topic, though that will shortly be reduced to stubble and archived for the time being. You may want to check out the review of the great Mackinaw by Natural Selection Denim, as reviewed on Sunday. And of course this week saw another Waistcoat Wednesday! Coming up now will be sweatshirts and more fun stuff.

Oh, and I’ll be taking a closer look at bicycle helmets. Is there any possible way in which a bicycle helmet can be even a little cool or stylish?

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