You’ll never believe what this guy did all week

Yep, I’ve done it as well. Gone and titles my post using one of these new-fangled, scientifically proven, click-bait headlines designed to suck in massive numbers of readers. In an ironic way, of course, as I absolutely detest both what they are trying to do, and how they read to a poor chap looking for some relevant news in the online papers. Ah, nothing like getting a little riled up on a Saturday morning, even before the traditional 8 portions of Espresso.

This week has seen colder mornings than in a long time, which does mean that tweed and wool are back in the mix. Cold and damp mornings does not mean that the afternoons are of a similar sort though. Quite the opposite, 10-15 Kelvin-degrees warmer and strong sunshine means that all that wool that was such a boon in the morning has become the backpack filler of the noon. Ah, shouldn’t complain, it will soon enough be icy cold, with snow and ice under the tyres of the trusty bike.

This week saw the review of the Trakke Arkaig backpack, and a fine waistcoat from Levis.

Oh, and yesterdays short guide to not removing your face using a safety razor. Unmissable, classic gentleman’s reading material.

The Great Shaving Cream Investigation continues with round 5 coming up. There will be a round 6, at the very least, though the conclusion is drawing closer. I also have some nice reviews coming up, we’re talking a Sweatshirt Showdown and some great outerwear.

For now though, I offer up your weekly viewport into my marvellous goings on… In the meantime, I’m going to test a couple of keen-looking shaving creams.

The season is obviously changing. #dadstyle #tweed #autumn

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