A year of blogging vigourously

This is a strange post to be writing, as when I started the blog exactly a year ago, I probably didn’t hold much hope of actually keeping it up this long. So many blogs seem to launch with so much promise, only to disappear with barely a whimper after a short while, I really feel I have achieved something in getting a full year in. And written the odd fairly readable piece of prose as well.

Oh, and shamelessly posted photos of myself, boots and tweed on Instagram. This is part of the game. Words are not enough, you must exploit all your assets.

photo 2

You’re probably wondering what a year in the life of a mediocre middle-aged blog-dad has been like? Well, surprisingly like the life of a non-blogging middle-aged dad, to be honest. Much to my dismay there has been no celebrity parties, no invites to huge fashion shows, no attempts at bribing me to promote products with dodgy style values, and no offers of puffing up my lips with Restylane, or a non-brand-name alternative.

photo 4

I have however been offered money to promote toilets. That may actually say something quite subtle about the image I’m portraying, or maybe it was just a truly desperate marketing attempt. I did almost make it onto British Sunday morning telly, but I’ll get back to that one in a later post. I did get to meet a lot of very interesting companies and see fine and interesting products.

And I’ve made a lot of new friends, both from the commercial side of the industry, and among those that take an interest in menswear and the sort of stuff I blog about.

photo 1

The most pleasurable part of it all though? Finding that I can write stuff that people are willing to read. 165 posts in a year, though my mother insists there are still typos to be found.

Thank you for reading!

photo 3

7 Responses to “A year of blogging vigourously”

  1. WDG

    Now, tell us about the toilets… How do you promote a toilet in a menswear
    blog? All kinds of images pops up, both nice ones where you casually lean against a nice piece of porcelain, and others that involves pants around ankles
    and a sigh of relief…

    Happy one year anniversary WellDressedBoyfriend ❤

    • Well Dressed Dad

      I think my silence speaks volumes. I truly have no idea how I could promote a porcelain throne. While I appreciate a well-engineered water closet as much as the next gentleman, one where height, width and depth are thoughtfully dimensioned, in addition to a seat that is both receptive to ones posterior while having the necessary comfort to ensure a full Sunday newspaper can be enjoyed, I really cant’t offhand lay claim to having any really decent parameters to judge or review a toilet by.

      I’m sure the photo shoot would be a hoot though. Which tweed goes best with classic white porcelain? Brogues or slippers?

      I’ll leave it at that.

  2. Scratch

    I too am interested in the scatological angle to this*, do tell.

    Well done for having the stamina and wherewithal to get this far Nick. It’s good to read a blog that actually has some content rather than just a stream of pictures for a change.
    That being said, I can’t say I’m very interested in Sewing Machines but hell, you can’t please everyone all the time can you?

    Keep on keeping on.



  3. Longuette (@Longuette)

    just found your blog 🙂
    let me tell you that is so refreshing to see a nordic man talkign about fashion and bringing a tuch of fresh air in the blogging scene.
    i’ll follow you for sure 🙂


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