Anniversary giveaway coming up!

The coming Tuesday, the 25th of February, marks the one year anniversary of the Well Dressed Dad blog. To celebrate it I will be hosting a giveaway, sponsored by some of the good companies I have made friends with during the year.

To make things easy, I will be doing this on Instagram, and the 6 lucky winners will be selected at random from those that join in.

The rules are simple, either use Instagram, follow the blog, like on Facebook, or all three!

  1. Follow @WellDressedDad on Instagram
  2. Post a photo of yourself showing off your DadStyle on Instagram
  3. Tag it with #WellDressedDad (so that I can find your photo)
  4. Regram my giveaway tweed image and rules on your own Instagram for an extra change to win! There are various apps to aid in this, like Repost (free).
  5. Follow WellDressedDad (se right hand side of the front page)
  6. Like WellDressedDad on Facebook.

Best of luck!

Winners will be selected on the 26th of February and will receive their prizes directly.

I’ll do another post on Monday detailing the prizes from

Any other companies wanting to get in on this? Drop me mail!

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