The Waistcoat Project: Phase 2, getting real

So, moving on with the Waistcoat Project. Having proven in part 1 that it is feasible for a middle-aged man to sew a waistcoat at home, with little previous experience (I realise that for some, this comes as no surprise, yet for others this is a revelation of near biblical impact) I now want to make some adjustments to the prototype and make a few waistcoats that I can actually use. The fabric I used for the experimental version was quite vivid, yet oddly I did get a few compliments on it. There truly is no accounting for taste!

full frontal

Today I visited the largest fabric and sewing shop in the area and spent a while browsing the available materials. I ended up with three combinations I think can work well, though I’ve not decided on which to start with yet.

These are the ones I’ve put together (and also posted on Instagram, click like on your favourite or comment if you like!). Notice that all are in two different outer materials, with a lining material in a cheeky pattern, and horn buttons. Waistcoats in kit form almost.

photo 3

Option 1: Raw 10oz denim combined with a Prince of Wales chequered linen and nice flowery lining.

photo 1

Option 2: Striped linen with a striped cotton twill and another interesting lining. This one reminds me a bit of Hansen Garments and Mister Freedom. Nice?

photo 2

Option 3: Herringbone tweed in burgundy and curry (says so on the label!) colours and another great lining. This will be amazing if I can pull off the design I have in mind.

I’ll most likely leave the tweeds till last, so as to get a little more practice in on the less tricky fabrics first. Apart from that the idea is to create something a little more interesting than a pure single colour design, with contrasting details and pockets. Am I being a little ambitious? Possibly!

To be updated as the process moves forward! Do let me know if you feel inspired to join in the fun.

7 Responses to “The Waistcoat Project: Phase 2, getting real”

      • Jason

        Yeah, I am feeling kind of inspired, I’ve just done well in the Jan sales with waistcoats, so I’ll see how yours come along, maybe learn from your experiences. I used to do a lot of clothing alterations when I was at school, so maybe time to blow the dust off the old singer.

      • Well Dressed Dad

        Just need to get some proper photos of the second one and I’ll do a write-up! Starting on the third now, in denim and checked linen. The pattern is evolving as well.

  1. Jason

    Navy blue Harris tweed, similar to Mallory. Knitted Wolsey 1910, from their heritage range a couple of years back (must have been sat on the shelf of my local gentlemans outfitters all this time) . A nod to the sort of item worn by Scott on that little jaunt when some Norwegian chap pipped him to the post. And a charity shop find I rather like.
    I’ll post images on Instagram. (I’m roadcones).
    And the Redwing super soles are breaking in nicely, thanks.


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