Style: A backpack suitable for a stylish man?

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Consider this posting a pre-post of a feature I’m currently working on. It’s really a request for help in both finding ideas for backpacks and asking your opinion on what might be considered a good blend of style and utility.

I think we can all agree that the typical black nylon backpack that a company supplies to lug a laptop around in is hardly at the pinnacle of style, although it’s utility can be considered to be pretty good. In general there is a generous amount of pockets, space for both a laptop computer, sandwiches and sundry supplies, and it mostly keeps the contents safe even in a light drizzle. So why does it not fulfil the demands of the sartorially inclined mature gentleman? Well, three main factors for starters: It’s what absolutely everyone uses, it’s really really ugly, and well, it’s about as boring as such an item could be.

computer backpack

Generic black nylon backpack illustrating a complete lack of style and finesse

Consider this one, does it get your pulse racing? I thought not. So what would you recommend instead? For me, it needs to withstand a bit of rain, it has to have a fair amount of space, be practical for cycling, not be so hideously expensive that I’d be hesitant to use it, and it must look significantly better than the standard option. We’re not necessarily limited to backpacks, so feel free to think outside the pack (?) if you like!

What do you reckon?

3 received suggestions so far:


Duluth Scoutpack


Arcteryx Arro 22


Fjällräven Känken “Laptop” model

vans fortnight

Vans Fortnight

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