Inspired by an icon – Cameramanesque

Being the creator of an iconic jacket like the Cameraman must fill the designer with pride. Over 10 years it’s been regarded as a jacket to aspire to, a modern classic with a nod to the vintage style. Without a doubt instantly recognisable as a Cabourn Cameraman. So, how can it feel to have designed such a piece and to then discover that other companies are creating their own versions by leeching off your inspiration?

A couple of examples of jackets that are more than a little inspired by the Cameraman (there are many more, I’ll happily add other if you email me photos of the perps!):


A particularly hideous one by Primark in the UK:


universal works cameraman

This one by Universal Works looks oddly familiar?


Apparently by a brand called Jeans UE? Also has that .. “look”.

mica cohen shades of grey

Mica Cohen Shades of Grey. Or a remixed Cameraman, I guess.

And another that at least adds a bit more into the mix (though to my eyes ends up looking less stylish than the starting point):

And perhaps the most blatant of all, available in H&M stores this spring:


The final one is the cutest one I’ve come across. More of a homage than a rip-off, given how it’s not a commercial copy, but rather the result of a clever girl making a lovely present for her boyfriend, who really lusted for a Cameraman (like we can’t relate to that, eh?):


What a great job she did! A totally fresh colour combination, a few details changed for practicality. Most endearing! More info on her blog here.

Would you like to read more about the original Cameraman by Nigel Cabourn?

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